Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Advanced cancer

After several calls, the same question was asked: "do you know, prime minister Abe has cancer?"
I really don't know such a big government secret.
The "strange news" has been circulating on Japanese Internet since the afternoon of the 22nd. I looked up the original source of the claim and found it was from a freelance journalist's blog.
The freelance journalist, Cheap nfl jerseyswhose name is "Mr Ban", is a graduate of the central university's law school and was once a student at the maritime self-defense force's cadre school. Into the daily news service work after graduation, worked as a reporter Ben prime minister's official residence, with fukuda, masayoshi ohira, prime minister shinzo Abe, and the father of shinzo Abe aso chief cabinet (then). He became a freelance journalist in 1985, and published more than 100 books on the timing of his comments.
Why does Japan have "advanced cancer"?
Mr Laminaki says prime minister shinzo Abe suffered from cancer, originally a blog post on the morning of June 15. He said on his blog, "with" multiple organ insufficiency (ulcerative colitis) Mr Abe, the prime minister, on June 10, in the afternoon, was at keio university affiliated hospital of doctor (professor) told: "the prime minister, you have to resign immediately, your life is very dangerous." the doctor advised him to resign immediately. Saying this, is in the roppongi grand hyatt hotel in the one called 'NAGOMI spa fitness center of a room. At that time, Mr Abe's friends and family - steel building management company down increases chung ichiro also present, the doctor's words, he also heard very clearly. The liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in the upper part, over who will be the Mr Abe's successor, is quietly elected liberal party leader, ichiro ozawa, who served as."
When the blog was published, there was no public outcry. Because prime minister Abe has been suffering from ulcerative colitis before, he is currently taking medicine treatment, and when the prime minister has been in medicine for nearly five years, there are some problems in the body.
Why does Japan have "advanced cancer"?
The news that shocked Japanese politicians and the media was a blog that was written on the 21st. This blog article clearly wrote: "advanced cancer (4), has shifted to the lymphatic joints, cheap hatstransferred to the brain is just a matter of time, life is only three months left in" -- this is on the morning of June 17, Mr Abe accompanied by her mother yoko at keio university affiliated hospital for precision inspection (MRI), was informed that the results. At 6:00 PM on June 19, Mr Abe's face was unglamorous and undomineering when he met at the prime minister's official residence at the end of his usual parliamentary session. The reason for his lethargy was that on October 10, the doctor informed him that "it's too late, and there's only three months left."
In any case, Japan's "freedom of the press" has made such a deadly report on the health of a country's prime minister that, without a clear basis, would undoubtedly have been asked.
Japan's weekly newspaper reporters asked her about the "Abe cancer" message. "One of the big names in medicine told me," he said.
In advance of publication in the latest issue of the weekly post (30 June) reported that although Mr Abe's "healthy nervous said." there are already many times, but the prime minister's official residence political reporters shake, and a message.
On June 9, the prime minister and Mrs. Abe, the 30th anniversary of their marriage, were among those who ate Italian food with relatives and friends, the managing director of the steel building management company, ichiro okaoka, and others, the report said. Is not to eat too much because it is over, Mr Abe to shibuya after their own home, "suddenly feel the body is bad, immediately call the keio university affiliated hospital of doctor and nurse", the news spread quickly in the part of journalists to, these reporters frequently ask prime minister's official residence and party cadres, make this an unconfirmed news spread more widely. The next day, what was the situation with prime minister Abe? According to the asahi newspaper account of prime minister "action" column, in their own home in the morning, at 2 PM 18 points, arrived in Tokyo roppongi grand hyatt hotel, wholesale jerseysthe spa fitness center movement, get home at 5 39 points.
Every day the prime minister met, he was in what meetings, and when he left home, he was publicly known. In the "prime minister's movement" column, it is true that prime minister Abe's daily schedule is measured in seconds, the intensity of work, and the ability to adapt. So there is a saying in Japanese politics: "to be prime minister, you have to have a strong body first."
Why does Japan have "advanced cancer"?
Is the prime minister's health a serious problem, as he puts it, as he puts it, "three months to the end of cancer"? It won't be long before the truth comes out. The question is, why was there such a serious "weird news" at this point in time?
The biggest reason is that some hope Mr Abe will step down immediately.
Mr Abe, who has been prime minister for almost five years, is already a "longevity prime minister" in Japanese politics. In the past five years, Japanese society has been divided on the prime minister's assessment, but the approval rating is still high, and from one side shows the people's approval and expectation for Abe. But recently, Mr Abe has two things to national disappointment and dissatisfaction to him, one is koriyama officials revealed that Mr Abe, the prime minister to make friends as the director of a university "collectively academy" to set up a vet, or pressure. Although the ministry's internal investigation has found some relevant information, the prime minister and his aides vehemently deny that the prime minister's official residence is also firmly denied. But a significant proportion of the population has a sense of disbelief that "Abe is lying." Two led by prime minister Abe regime, cheap snapback hatsthe ruling coalition occupy the advantage of the majority, in congress to force through the "conspiracy", the new crimes, overturns the Japanese so far "to implement crime convicted" crime cognizance rules, but in the planning, consulting commits a crime such as period, can be regarded as "crime", at the same time can be meet even everyone present as a suspicion "conspiracy" to be arrested. The Abe administration's explanation is "to combat terrorism," but the concern of the Japanese is that "the government thinks you have a criminal motive and can be arrested." So Mr Abe's government is now doing its own thing.
Why does Japan have "advanced cancer"?
These two events led directly to the collapse of Mr Abe's cabinet, which, though different from the media, has generally fallen below the 40 per cent mark. This is the lowest level in the cabinet since the Abe cabinet forced through the new security law in 2015, one year and eight months apart.
Against this backdrop, the Japanese public opinion has emerged that "Abe's cabinet has entered the terminal stage of life".
The second big reason is that the ruling liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has the air of "Abe". Is the first 5 years, in the 90 s, junichiro koizumi, (when) 5 and a half years since the longest record, Mr Abe is expected to continue to extend, have been when at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. However, some people within the liberal Democratic Party (LDP) can't wait to feel "all the good things can't let you occupy", and currently the LDP in plenty of fresh, such as deputy prime minister, taro aso, foreign minister shore Tian Wenxiong, former minister shigeru ishiba local creation, cheap jerseysetc., have already is eyeing. Mr Aso's recent merger of several factions in the party has made the "aso" the second largest party in the "fine field", after Mr Abe. Aso has been prime minister once, and Abe can be the second. Why can't I aso? Aso has no negative material except his mouth. He is 76 years old, but he is still a few years away from trump. If Mr Trump can lead America, why can Mr Aso not be Japan's prime minister? As things stand, Mr Aso should be the most powerful politician to challenge Mr Abe's throne.
Why does Japan have "advanced cancer"?
The third reason is that Japan is partly in opposition to Mr Abe's plans to amend the constitution, expecting prime minister shinzo Abe to step down earlier to block his plans for a "pacifist constitution".
These three reasons lead to the emergence of "Abe's life". Some say prime minister Abe will step down in July, while others say prime minister Abe will leave office in September. Whether or not Abe continues as prime minister, we first expect prime minister Abe to be in good health! Wholesale nfl jerseysMore expect "Abe to say" is a kind of fake news!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

On grown up

Once we were born into this world, we have already become a member of a family. When we grown up, we begin to build our own family. Thus the history will be make through the pass of generations. What kind of history is it? It is a history of our family, cheap snapback hatsand such of family histories composed a universal history, which are already written in books, are told as a legend, are spoken out by different languages.
We are the small parts of this special kind of history, so how can we try our best to make a better one? I guess, we should treat ourselves thoughtfully.
   How can we grow up with a sound soul? We should create little by little. We all love our family, for the sake of family, sometimes , we have to tell a white lie, we have to do something we would not like doing, even if we totally know that we will feel unhappy. Why we sometimes force us to do that? Just because we want to keep fame of our family? Of course not, we do it for responsibilities. In other world, we are mature adult, we know what we should do. In the same time, our family also try their best to protect us from any potential harm, maybe sometime against our own will, or sometimes they do wrong in the way of caring too much. In addition, in real life we have to face all kind of difficulties, grown up seems fulling of bitterness, but we have to finish our own history, and pass it to next generations.
           In a word, grown up is not easy, we have too much to do. Each person have a fire in their heart, we use this fire to refine our soul till it become strong enough to face any hardships. cheap jerseysThen we are proud that we are adults now, and we grown up already. It is very nice to be a grown-up.

Dragon Boat Festival

The traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Festival has many kinds of celebrations for the date, Dragon Boat racing is one of the activity, cheap nfl jerseysthe people chases each other by boat to hold the memorial ceremony for Qu Yuan, to avoid eating his body by fishes. Another custom of the day is making Rice Dumpling. At the beginning of each May, every family will prepare the bamboo leave, the date and Rice, till the day coming, they may soak rice, wash the leave and wrap up Zong Zi in four angles and then steaming in one or two hours.
I am not good at cooking, so this kind of work for me is hard than everything, this year I was missing the chance for the party was organized by the property, Rice, cheap hatsleave and date are ready in the table in the lobby of property office at yesterday. Welcome all the owners to take part in the traditional festival, the first you may learn from the others who can make it easy and looks beautiful one, and you may have to wrap it up yourself, what you makes you can take away home. So it looks a rob, as long as you make more you may take more home, very interesting competition, I can say it was a good time to know more people and can find out who is Number 1 on making it, easy to communicate with others, it was so pity I was not there, but I can imagine the situation likes what, I must say the property is smart and good idea to get more people closer with low cost and the great benefits in this big family, wholesale jerseyshopefully they can make more events like this in the future.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Leonard continued to miss G4

cheap nfl fitted hatsSpurs coach gregg popovich officially announced the continued absence of Leonard Leonard in the fourth game of the western conference finals.
Leonard injuries are in G1, series since he only played 24 minutes, after his injury, the spurs plummet, from G1 had 25 points, three games to, now on the brink of elimination.
In addition, when asked whether the game will be career last, ginobili gregg popovich did not directly answer, just said, "he is the soul of the team."
Popovich also expressed concern over the condition of the warriors manager cole, cheap nfl snapback hatssaying it was a bad thing.

Thanks to the fans

On May 24, 2017, the NBA playoffs continue, and there are a lot of things to watch in the NBA. Here are some of the news from the NBA this morning:
Ginobili tweeted to the fans
Yesterday in the western conference finals, the spurs VS warrior details 2 1/2 minutes remaining, cheap ncaa jerseysspurs coach gregg popovich on ginobili spurs fans all stood up and applauded AT&T center chanted manu's name. Not only that, but the warriors also applauded ginobili. Earlier, ginobili tweeted thanks to the fans' support. "after yesterday's failure, I still feel a bit overwhelmed, thanks to my fans!" Many media people thought, this may be a curtain call manu career, but his post-match press conference, ginobili said he can still play a ball game, he will be in three to four weeks after and then make a decision whether he had retired.
The knicks are interested in the spurs
The SAN Antonio spurs were eliminated from the warriors in yesterday's decisive win. Substitute forward Jonathan simmons played in the series after the spurs' core Leonard injury stopped, cheap soccer jerseysand they did well in the series. Simons' outburst has attracted the attention of other teams, with news that the knicks have expressed interest in simmons. Simmons, 27, will be a free agent this summer. In the western conference finals, simons averaged 15.2 points and 2.2 rebounds and 4.2 assists. In addition, his salary this year is only $870,000. After the playoffs prove himself, simmons is likely to get a big contract.
The celtics assessed amir Johnson after training
According to us media reports, the green army will assess the injury of striker amir Johnson after today's shootout. In the eastern conference final G3, amir Johnson sprained his right shoulder and returned to the locker room for treatment. But his right shoulder is still in a bad condition and he doesn't know if he will continue to play G4 today. In the postseason, cheap MLB HatsJohnson averaged 10.6 minutes and was able to cut 2.7 points and 2.1 rebounds.
Little curry is more confident than the elder brother
The warriors' core Stephen curry may be the greatest scorer in the league's history, but one man is better than him, his younger brother Seth curry. Earlier, Seth - garage attended the fox sports show, and asked whether is better than two league MVP brother striker, small garage gives a clear answer, "there is no doubt that I am stronger than he." The interesting thing is that in the regular season this season, cheap nba hatshe shot 48.1 percent, 42.5 percent from his 3-point shooting percentage, and he was actually better than his brother.


The Cleveland cavaliers beat the Boston celtics 112-99 on May 24, scoring a 3-1 lead in the series. Lebron James was in the second half of the game when he was caught in a foul trap, and ended up with a total of 34 points, cheap mlb jerseysfive rebounds and six assists and one steals and one cover.
Third series, in the absence of suspense everyone thought, reverse knight leading 21 points by rivals, James individual also play poorly, especially in each other's surge stage, 0 for 6, disappointing. After the game, James admitted he was in a bad state and said he wanted to make a comeback.
Today in the first half, however, James is one of the strength to make not to come out, just playing in the second quarter to 6 minutes and 46 seconds, he had already receive the game personal fouls, 4 had to sit back to the bench in advance.
Fortunately, cheap nba jerseysafter the third series share experiences under the good situation in the first half active packet, the state of the knight the other players train up gradually, series three games, Owen's personal scores from 13 to 23 points, and then to 29 points, today is more like a god, only 42 points. It was with his performance that the cavaliers were able to get through the first half of the first half with a double-digit deficit.
In the second half, James, who was free of foul trouble, was also gradually finding a sense of touch, a combination of the two, and he beat his opponent to the ground.
Today because of the limit of the foul, James first two only had 10 points, the third quarter after Fielding drills twice in a row, finally back accuracy, in the rest of this section, scored 9 points. In the fourth quarter, nfl jerseys cheaphe was able to make the most of the first two games of the season.
The last section, James seven of 11 shots, and the ball ball, which includes both the offensive and defensive conversion of fly clasp, also have positional warfare in spirit likeness Jordan's bottom line turned and luxuriant breakthrough, when he is in the position of couple can firmly hit, pulling up three points, you know, the ball to win the battle.
In the first two minutes and 26 seconds, James scored on the left and pulled the lead to 110-97, which was a win for him.
After the war, James in the playoffs this year all 12 games have scored 25 points, at least in 11 10 scoring 30, look after an adjustment, he has wound up again, cheap nhl jerseysto work toward the aim of the championship, began the final sprint.


Beijing time on May 24, the NBA playoffs, the cavaliers won 4-3 in eastern conference finals to the Boston celtics in the fourth game, Owen 21 points in the third quarter, cheap jerseyshelping the cavaliers complete successfully reversed, in a 112-99 victory over the green army, made a 3-1 series lead.
Owen had 42 points and four assists in the game, with lebron James 34 points and 6 assists and 5 rebounds, and love 17 rebounds and rebounds in a personal playoff record.
Bradley had 19 points and five rebounds, Claude had 18 points and eight rebounds, and horford had 16 points and seven assists, while he was 15 points.
Field hd statistics
The star: Owen and gianroyo
In the game, the cavaliers were not very difficult, and in the first half they were down by as much as 16 points. But in this predicament, cheap nfl hatsyou see the dominance of the two superstars, Owen and James. After four fouls in the second quarter, Owen scored 12 points in the second quarter of the second quarter, scoring 21 points in the third quarter for nine (two 3-pointers) and one in the free throws. James, who scored 10 points in the first half, also showed dominance in the second half, scoring nine in the third quarter and 15 in the fourth quarter.
Game review: the cavaliers reverse the celtics
In the third game of the series, James scored just 11 points, a series of data set to hit a record low for the season, and Cleveland wasted 21 points ahead of the season's first defeat of the season. "I mean, it's going to happen like this." Cavs coach tryon - lu said, "what do you want to move on, hope the next game will be played better. This is not to say that we want to how how, but we definitely understand the celtics can't retreat, they will to fight, they will go to the competition."
Gianroyo 34 points to Owen's 21-point cavaliers to reverse the green army's 3-1
The cavaliers did move on, nfl jerseys cheapand loafer made five points in the game, leading the cavaliers to a 5-0 start. But as he puts it, the celtics won't retreat, they forced the first seven shots only 1, in the first quarter to seven minutes and 22 seconds, horford layup successful, they completed a wave of 11-0, it will take for 11-5. The celtics know that James today will be a different James from the third. "I think he will be positive," Bradley said, "I mean, James knows how to play the game, he understood that knight need him to do, he is likely to become more aggressive."
But James still couldn't find his hands, and he hit only one goal in the first four shots. First section James played 10 minutes, his playoff career total to record the play time, his 3-point shots to history first, and 3 of 7 but his efficiency is not high only 6 points. The celtics were more confident, and by 2:33 in the first quarter, they had already pulled the lead to 24-13. Claude scored 10 points in the first section 3 of 3, led the celtics to 29-19 lead, this section knight shot six of 19 from the shooting only 31.6%, 19 points in the playoffs this season first section lowest scoring record.
James are more aggressive in the second quarter, scoring two goals in a row, cheap hatssoon but did not think of, he didn't fate rest after receive three fouls, the results in this section to 6 minutes and 46 seconds, he had his fourth foul had to end. Using the opportunity of James, the celtics were able to extend their lead to 16 points. But this time turned out Michael Owen, he finished his 3-pointer and then a dragon layup, he in this section scored 12 points in the last 5 minutes 11 seconds, led the cavaliers will at the end of the half-court to 47-57. James scored 10 points in the first half of the first half, the first time in his career that he had four fouls in the court.
His team had a 1-4 record in the first half of the playoffs with three fouls in the first half. James still played very aggressive in the second half and scored nine points in the third quarter, but he is not really good, has failed to buckle a counterattack dunk, this is his seventh dunk missed this season. But the cavaliers turned the tide and, with 3:15 left in the quarter, James scored two goals, and they managed to beat the score to 73-72. Owen's status is good to the explosion, he under the condition of the ankle is still able to score, he from the three-point line at least three steps away can still hit the buzzer, he 9 of 10 shots in the third quarter had 21 points, lead knight with a 87-80 lead into the fourth.
The fourth quarter, cheap nfl jerseysJames finally become familiar James, 7 minutes and 56 seconds left in the match, he meet warren passes jumper, led the cavaliers will lead to 98-88. James can score, not only for his teammates out assists, 2 minutes and 26 seconds left in the match, his jumper to get personal again this section 15 points, led the cavaliers to a 110-97 is still maintained a double-digit advantage. Then ollie Nick scored a goal, but the celtics again failed to score in the last 2 minutes, Owen 38 seconds remaining in game layup successful, 112-99 victory over the celtics knight, in series a blow a 3-1 lead.
The game: the green army fans celebrate the four
In the second quarter of the game, James was fouled by a foul and got three fouls early. Because the knight has been lagging behind the situation, so James didn't fate rest, but 6 minutes and 46 seconds left in the second quarter, the most reluctant to see things happen or knight, James in a low power, the shoulder has a power of action, will post him directly rosie knocked to the ground, the referee whistle stoutly foul to James, this is his fourth foul of the game, Wholesale jerseysthe knight fans a great boos, and a celtics fans are high-fived, excited.
Starting lineup
Knights: Owen, Smith, James, love, Thompson
The celts: smart, Bradley, Claude, Olivia, horford